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Pot noodle spinning fork
The brief
To design and develop a unique promotional premium which supports and is relevant with a refreshed positioning of the Pot noodle brand and a text to win mechanic.
The objective being to ensure brand exposure with key target audience, increase brand loyalty and generate sales uplift . Easy.
The promotional campaign was co inside with a re-position of the brand and target audience focus
What we did
Designed, developed and manufactured 300,000 and innovative Spinning Fork exclusively for the Pot Noodle brand.
The result
The spinning fork was the brand’s most successful promotional premium and featured in a regular 15sec TV ad.
The promotion was so successful; we produced a short turnaround re-order of another 20,000 units due to consumer demand to purchase the product, which in itself contributed to the overall marketing budget.
In June 2009, the Pot Noodle Spinning Fork wins gold award at ISP awards.

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